Hi my name is Peyton. I am going to be writing about myself. I have four family members we all love each other. My family is all into baseball we love to play with each other. me and my brother are on the same baseball team. We have been playing for a long time and we have been on three different teams. The team we were on for tee ball was the Pirates. The team we played for coach pitch was called the Legends. also I have played for a team called the Patriots. Another fact about me is i like to watch YouTube. When I come home I do homework then I watch it then I spend time with my family. A fact about me is that I was in a baseball camp and there was a bunch of people and i got ninth out of 300 people. I got to play on a MLB field if you don´t know what that means it is major league  baseball. Me and all my family members were so proud.

Now I am going to write about what i would want to be when I get older. I want to be a marine biologist. If you don’t know what that is its were people go under water and look at wild life. I would have to go to college and learn about wildlife to know what to stay away from. Also I want to be a MLB player. I want to play on the Reds. If you don´t know who the are they are a team that plays in the major league team. Right now i play first base. So if I do make it I want to play first. That is some facts about me and what i do.

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