I am going to write about my favorite holiday and how my family celebrates it. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like it because it seems like everyone is nice that week. Also I like it because I get presents.

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Now I am going to tell you what me and my family do to celebrate. On Christmas eve me and my mom dad and my brother all watch movies and eat cookies. Then we go to bed and sleep but usually I cant sleep. Then I usually wake up my brother them my parents then we start to unwrapped presents a get cool stuff that we want. Then we would play with the things we got. We would play for hours.

Now I am going to tell you what we do when we are finished with our house. What we do is go to our Grandma and Grandpas house. First we eat dinner at there house which is always good. Then we eat cake or some kind of desert. We like to talk together and about things that are happening in our lives. Then we will get our presents from them me and my brother usually get around 15 presents each. They give us really cool stuff that we want too.


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